One of Rochester's premier restaurateurs, founder and chef Mark Teng, has channeled his passion for Asian cuisine into a fun casual noodle bar on Rochester's Park Ave. At Furoshiki we specialize in Pan Asian comfort food with a focus on real Ramen. Mark and his staff of chefs have obsessively labored over the creation of the perfect  bowl of Ramen, the most popular Japanese comfort food.

Furoshiki sets a casual and intimate atmosphere. The cuisine is free style and adaptive in nature taking Pan Asian traditions and creating custom dishes to please any palate. We serve comfort food perfect for lunch, an afternoon snack, after work happy hour, dinner, or a night out with friends.

Our signature dish, ramen, focuses on complex, flavorful, intensely fragrant broths with fresh custom crafted noodles and traditional ingredients from heritage meats to fresh veggies and spices.  Our ramen bowls are served hot and are eaten immediately to appreciate every flavor and nuance and fragrance. 

The intimate bar at Furoshiki offers guests a wide array of new world wines and the widest selection of sake in Rochester.

"We wanted to create a neighborhood restaurant that offers modern Asian food with a kick: our menu is based on simple Asian comfort food where the taste and quality stands for what we believe in."                 -Mark Teng

See you soon.


The furoshiki wrapping cloth is both utilitarian and beautiful. In daily life it is used to wrap and carry lunch boxes to work or picnics and on special occasions for wrapping gifts of food and drink. It can also double up as a tablecloth for lunch.

Furoshiki "wrapping cloth" is convenient, versatile, reusable, eco-friendly, and of course uniquely beautiful. 


Ramen is Japan’s favorite dish, accounting for a quarter of all meals taken outside the home. There are 34,488 ramen shops in Japan, with 3,957 in Tokyo alone and ramen even has a dedicated museum in Shin-Yokohama. Each region specializes in a particular kind of ramen and each fanatical ramen chef specializes this further, perfecting techniques to produce their house style, which is always a closely guarded secret. 
Anyone who has eaten good ramen, or even just seen the cult foodie film Tampopo will know the importance of making a broth with perfectly balanced intensity. The main ingredients are a deep complex stock made from pork and chicken bones with vegetables, sometimes ‘bonito’, and other secret ingredients; techniques perfected through years of study; fresh alkaline noodles; and toppings. Toppings vary hugely depending on the kind of ramen and the chef, from sweet corn to black sesame and garlic paste. In many cases, ramen will be topped with pork and a perfect gooey-yolked egg.

Fresh noodles are essential for the best ramen experience – bouncy, soft and perfect for slurping up our amazing broth. Our noodles have been designed specially for us by the premiere noodle maker in the US. 
Furoshiki's signature Pork Bone ramen features smooth, silky consistency created by cooking pork bones for up to 18 hours, which allows all of the porky goodness to be emulsified into the stock.
The ramen at Furoshiki has quickly become a favorite of Rochesterians for its fabulous taste and comforting qualities. We serve our favorite styles of ramen, all of which are meant to be eaten hot and fast using the traditional Japanese method of slurping. We have also created an extensive beverage program to compliment our menu. Please take advantage of our wine, sake, and beer selections and feel free to ask our staff to recommend the perfect accompaniment to you meal.
At Furoshiki we strive to provide the absolute best casual dining experience to each and every guest. We have dedicated our lives to hospitality and want to make you happy with our food, drinks, service, and personality. We are confident that once you visit us once you will become a true ramen devotee and hopefully a friend.